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There Goes The Handheld Neighborhood

Sony PlayStation PortableI've gone and done it again, welcoming another new video game system into my home.  This time I've acquired a Sony PlayStation Portable, as I could no longer resist the lure of Mega Man: Powered Up and the other games for the unit that I've wanted to explore.  A good opportunity came up and I took advantage, netting me the system and enough games to keep me busy for quite a while.  Now I'm turning to you all out there for recommendations for other games I just have to try.  Here's what I have already:

Already on my shopping/rental list are:

So what else do I need to check out?  Platformer titles are preferred over shooters and most fighting games (I have a Street Fighter weakness), but I'm open to suggestions from any genre.  How about it, gang?  Recommend more ways to eat at my gaming time.