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Spider-Man 3 Review At AMN

Spider-Man 3 There's a great game inside Spider-Man 3 for the Nintendo Wii just trying to break free, but too many glitches and signs that the game was rushed to stores to coincide with the film's premiere in theaters drag it down into the realm of wasted potential.  My full review of the game is now available over at AMN in which I praise the great motion controls that allow players to actually flick their wrists to cast webbing and fly through the skyscraper jungles of New York City, then I wag my finger at the more frustrating rushed aspects of the game.  My favorite glitch involves generic characters in need of rescue that speak with different voices during missions.

There are a number of generic characters that need rescuing, and many of these people speak to Spider-Man from time to time. Amusingly, sometimes a character will speak with different voices over the course of a mission, such as the case of a rather gruff-looking man asking Spider-Man for help with an equally gruff deep voice and then later thanking him for his help with a more jaunty tenor tone.

Even though I've finished the review I find myself returning to the game just to swing through the city.  That part of the game is golden.  It's what Spider-Man encounters when he lands back on the ground that makes me shake my head in disappointment.