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Sixaxis Rumble Rumor Shakes Loose Again

SixaxisThe ever-present rumor that Sony will add rumble features into the Sixaxis controller for the PlayStation 3 continues to linger, this time popping up on a message board at GameFAQs.  According to the rumor, the company plans to announce the news at E3 in July and then release the new technology in November.  Now, setting aside the fact that rumors posted at GameFAQs without hard evidence tend to be as reliable as messages scrawled on a gas station restroom wall somewhere off Interstate 95, I'd just like to remind people out there who, like a certain person I know who shall remain nameless, believe that Sony can add rumble functions into the existing Sixaxis controller with a firmware update that such a thing is just not possible because the Sixaxis currently on the market (and in your game room) does not have rumble motors inside.  Firmware updates can't turn on components that are not present.  If rumble does return to the PlayStation world, then you'll all have to buy new Sixaxis controllers if you want to shake and rattle while you roll with the controller's tilt functionality.

(via Joystiq)