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Design Your Own Wacky Weapon For Army Of Two

Army of Two Feeling creative?  Have a super special design for a weapon floating around in the back of your brain?  If so then Electronic Arts wants to make you an offer.  The company is hosting a contest in which you (yes, you) can design your own custom weapon for the upcoming co-op shooter, Army of Two, for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  Just submit an image of your design and a brief destruction of what kinds of havoc it can wreak at the game's official website.  Members of the Army of Two fan community will have the opportunity to review the submissions and vote on their favorites.  The two top-voted weapons have a shot at being included in the game.

Best of all, the sky's the limit on wacky weapon designs.  Just because Army of Two is yet another entry in the "gritty military action shooter" genre doesn't mean the weapons can't have some creative flair.  Feel free to come up with a weapon that would seem to be more at home in Ratchet and Clank than Medal of Honor.  I've been told that all kinds of submissions are not only allowed, but encouraged, so start thinking of some creatively crazy munitions.  Personally, I'd like to see a potato gun make the final cut.  You'd better hurry though.  The deadline for entries is June 15, 2007.