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Anticipating Other Smash Bros. Items

Wario has a Super Scope The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl blog has been focusing on new items, giving a peek into the new tools we'll be using to blast popular characters to bits.  So far we've seen the Gooey Bomb and the Cracker Launcher.  Those are all well and good, but where are the items that come from the Nintendo continuum?  Once again I started thinking about other items that would fit into the Smash Bros. world, leading to a bunch of ideas.  This is all speculation and wish listing, mind you, but hopefully the Smash team and I are thinking on similar wavelengths.

  • Magic Whistle (The Legend of Zelda): Link's trusty flute could be an interesting addition to the series.  Pick it up and give it a blow to cause a whirlwind to swoop through the stage, tossing characters to and fro.
  • Banana Peel (Donkey Kong Country): More of a nuisance item, the banana peel would be dropped on the ground like one of the other "trap" items (such as the motion sensing bomb).  When a character steps on it, they slip and fall down, immobilizing him or her for a moment and becoming an easy target.  Drop it near the edge of a stage to cause a character to slide right into oblivion.
  • Blue Shell (Mario Kart 64): Koopa shells are already part of the Smash Bros. experience, but when a character tosses a blue shell, it seeks out and homes in on the character with the least amount of inflicted damage (even if it's the character who tossed it) and brings the pain.
  • Eggplant (Kid Icarus): Toss an eggplant at a character to temporarily turn them into a defenseless eggplant that can only run and jump.  Based on the infamous Eggplant Wizard's offensive attack.
  • FLUDD (Super Mario Sunshine): Using this water gun backpack players can blast opponents with a powerful stream of water, slowing down their advances, knocking them to the ground in mid-jump, and even blowing some of the lighter characters out of the way.

How about all of you out there?  Any good ideas for Smash Bros. items?