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Another Classic Mega Man Remix Coming Soon?

Cut Man, Fire Man, and Elec ManCapcom may be at it again, priming the original Mega Man game for a revamped update.  This time the game is rumored to make an appearance on the Sony PlayStation Network with redone graphics which, at first glance, sounds an awful lot like a port of Mega Man: Powered Up for the PlayStation Portable.  Excuse me while I engage in a whiny rant for a moment.  Capcom, please, stop doing this to me!  Stop creating Mega Man remixes for consoles I do not own!  I want to play Powered Up very much in order to explore all of the new content added to the original Mega Man, but if I haven't paid $170 for a PSP to play it by now, I'm certainly not going to spring for a $600 PS3 in order to play the PSN version.  Start releasing these projects for other platforms.  Put it on the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel.  Put it on a Wii disc.  Put it on the Nintendo DS.  Hell, put it on a GameCube disc if you want.  Just make it available for a system that I already own, please!