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You Are Cordially Invited... (Super Paper Mario Is A Blast)

Super Paper Mario I have good news, my friends.  Super Paper Mario and I have fallen in love and are to be married!  Okay, yes, that's an exaggeration, but let me just say how impressed I am with Mario's first Nintendo Wii adventure.  If you've been following the game's development then you already know that it's an old fashioned 2D Super Mario game with RPG elements and a 3D perspective gimmick.  While the game starts out slow (there's about twenty minutes of story before the gameplay actually begins, and even then it's a tutorial-type scenario), things really pick up for the boss at the end of Chapter 1-4 (the game is split into eight worlds with four levels each; sound familiar?).  Before long Mario gains new abilities, new playable characters join the fun, and the script fires on all cylinders with quips and jokes that are on the level with the previous Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.  Long-time Nintendo fans should definitely pick this one up.  At the moment I just can't stop smiling while I play it.  Here's hoping that momentum stays steady as I progress further through the game.  Otherwise it'll be a short honeymoon.