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Weekly Poll: Crossover Craziness

Weekly Poll for 3-27-2007Not much love for the Microsoft Xbox Elite out there.  Microsoft will still sell a ton of 'em though.  If I had the money to burn and a HDTV I'd probably go for it, but as it stands I'll continue to watch this part of the console war from the sidelines.

Moving on to something sillier, now that Nintendo and Sega have announced the historic first official meeting of Mario and Sonic it's time to pick a new ongoing cross-game rivalry.  Which two characters deserve to meet and settle the score once and for all?  Samus Aran and Master Chief?  Two of the universe's best combat veterans locked in battle could be an interesting adventure.  Then there's Master Higgins and Wonder Boy who are supposed to be the same character, but are different due to copyright laws.  We all know about the animosity between Mega Man and Simon Belmont, of course.  And then there's the battle of Link's chatty sidekicks, Midna and Navi ("Hey, listen!").  Perhaps you have someone else in mind altogether.   This one's all in good fun, so let's hear your crazy thoughts on potential game pairings.