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Weekly Poll: Are Wii Still Playing?

Weekly Poll for 4-23-2007We have a tie between the Game Boy Color and the Sega Dreamcast as the most wanted Virtual Console addition.  Of course, most of the later generation hardware would require some kind of storage add-on in order to take up space on the Wii.  Personally I'd like to see the later Sega material show up on the service.  I have the older retro things pretty well covered, but just don't have the hardware needed to play Saturn and Dreamcast games (and I'm not eager to set up more consoles in my packed entertainment center).

Speaking of consoles, how's your Wii doing?  Still playing it?  Are you playing it as often as when you first got it?  There's been some talk of "Wii fatigue" in that the novelty of motion-sensing controls may be wearing off.  What do you think?  Does the Wii still hold your interest?  You know the voting drill by now.  Let's hear your thoughts on this one.