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Sega Planning Sonic Rush Adventure?

Sonic the Hedgehog That alleged reinvention of Sonic the Hedgehog may be well under way already.  Some astute Sonic fans have found that Sega has put in for a new trademark for a video game called Sonic Rush Adventure.  That's pretty much all we know about this for the moment (we don't even get an early logo design this time).  Allow me to make an educated guess at which this game may well be (assuming it turns out to actually be something, of course): a sequel to the Nintendo DS title Sonic Rush that takes its cues from the Sonic Adventure series.  We could be looking at the best of both worlds here: a 3D world depicted with a 2D camera angle (there's the Sonic Rush part) mixed with an "adventure field" level structure (there's your Sonic Adventure portion).  Again, this is just my own speculation, but I'd certainly give such a project a closer look before deciding to shake my head in quiet disappointment.  This'll probably end up on the Nintendo DS, but I certainly wouldn't complain about a Wii version.

(via NeoGAF)