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Donkey Kong Jungle Fever The once-popular video arcade is all but dead in America as home consoles and PC titles have taken over the gaming landscape.  This is not so in Japan, as across the sea companies continue to create new amazing arcade games for eager audiences.  Amongst the new machines are a few games created or licensed by Nintendo that feature familiar characters.  Coin Heaven has taken a look at some of the only-in-Japan arcade games that feature Mario, Donkey Kong, and your other favorite Mushroom Kingdom heroes.

A sort of sequel-remake-port to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong Jungle Fever offered parts of the GameCube title in arcades. I'd imagine the advantage here is that players who didn't want to drop money on the DK Bongo controller for Jungle Beat would get a chance to see why the game is worth it. Some elements of the gameplay were modified to include the collection of medals into the title, though I have no idea how or why.

It's a shame that there just isn't a market for these kinds of games anymore outside of Japan.  From the looks of things there are some really intriguing and downright crazy stuff hitting the arcades over there.  Meanwhile, we here in America are forced to scrounge around to find the one F-Zero AX or Mario Kart Arcade GP machine located somewhere in the immediate time zone.  Such a shame.