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Mother 3 Soundtrack Hits iTunes

Mother 3Riddle me this, friends: why would someone release the soundtrack to the highly demanded sequel to Earthbound on Apple's iTunes in North America without actually releasing the game itself?  From the looks of things Mother 3 fans can gobble up the game's music for a mere $9.99, but the game itself is still nowhere to be had outside of Japan.  What a tease!  Of course, this could be someone's idea of testing the waters of Mother 3 anticipation, but I like what NeoGAF's Firestorm had to say about the matter:

Maybe they'll release the graphics and gameplay separately?

C'mon, Nintendo of America, bring us Earthbound 2 already!  Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii's Virtual Console... just pick a format and the fans will follow.  After all, what good is the soundtrack without the joyful gaming moments to go with it?