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EA Kicks It Old School

General C.H.A.O.S. Electronic Arts has picked up a reputation over the last few years of being a company that pumps out seemingly endless revisions of the same basic game over and over again.  However, I'm very glad to see that things may be changing at the company, as we've recently seen a few signs that the old EA spirit may be returning.  The latest indication is the new "Square, Circle, Triangle" column at EA's own forums that takes a look back at classic EA games from yesterday.  General Chaos for the Sega Genesis is featured in the first installment.

The first game that came to mind when I thought about doing this column was “General C.H.A.O.S.” This 1993 tongue-in- cheek, arcade style, pseudo military, action shooter was developed by Game Refuge and published by EA on the Genesis. I loved this game when I was younger, even pulled out the Genesis last Summer to match up with a few old friends. It's fun, it has explosions, its got hokey humor and some really great cartoony art that brings the whole thing together.

I'm looking forward to future editions of this feature.  Here's hoping they cover some of my old favorites, such as 16-bit platformer B.O.B., another one of those character mascot titles from the early 1990s that nobody remembers.