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Drive's Race Could Continue

Drive FOX is at it again, canceling a promising new television show before it has a chance to find its audience.  I'm talking about Drive, a show about an illegal cross-country road race and the people compelled to compete under mysterious circumstances.  Sort of a "Lost on wheels", the plot followed the group of ordinary people as they decipher clues as to the next race checkpoint and, eventually, discover who is staging the event in the first place.  After just four episodes aired over two weeks FOX has pulled the plug, meaning that those of us who have been watching (such as myself) will most likely never find out just who was behind the race or any other the other solutions to the little mysteries and character flaws that had been introduced.  Unless, of course, Drive were to be reworked into a video game.

Imagine a massive game world set across as much of the United States as current storage limitations allow.  Players choose to play as one of the various racing teams (each with differing motivations), then must solve the riddles that reveal the next checkpoint.  Racing through cities and across interstates, players gradually learn the secrets of the race while defending against being eliminated by the competition.  There's also an opportunity for side quests, such as robbing a bank. While heavy on racing action and puzzle solving, the game would incorporate the rich story set up by the television show. Drive: The Game is a definite long shot, but not so improbable that I can't see it happening.