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Bionicle Heroes Preview At AMN

Bionicleheroes When the assignment for a Bionicle Heroes preview hit my desk last week, I had no idea what to expect from the game.  I'd never heard of Lego's Bionicle franchise before; as far as I was concerned I had just been asked to write a preview about a really spiffy piece of eyewear.  After a little research I came to understand that the new Bionicle Heroes for the Nintendo Wii is actually another of those "Wiimakes" in which a game from last generation gets crammed full of motion controls and flung at a new audience.  Also, there's something about robots.  Check out the whole article at AMN.

In Bionicle Heroes, players are thrust into the island of Voya Nul where a battle for control is currently underway. Characters from Lego's Bionicle universe are searching for the Mask of Life that has been stolen by six evil Piraka. Six Toas are at the player's command as they quest to recover the mask and defeat the villainous tribe. Each Toa has unique abilities, such as the ability to walk over lava unscathed or the power to gather Lego bricks and build constractions (that is, the words "construction" and "action" melded together). The key to defeating the Piraka lies within the island's various jungle, desert, and mountain environments. A healthy dose of puzzles have been injected into the action, so players should expect to use their brains as well as their madly waving hands.

Now I understand the strange looks I get from people when I go on about Mushroom Kingdom politics or the the history of the Triforce.  I wrote the above paragraph, yes, but I really have no earthly idea just what the hell it all means.  Toas and Pirakas on Voya Nul?  Lorem ipsum indeed.