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Wii Web Browser Developers Speak

Internet Channel As the release of the full version of the Nintendo Wii's Internet Channel draws closer the development team working on the project has shared some of their thoughts about the development process over at wii.com.  It's an interesting read (even if the formatting is horrible; Miis and caption bubbles?  Whatever.) that explains some of the rationale behind why the web browser works the way that it does and how Nintendo and browser designer Opera took user comments into account when improving the trial version.  Here's one particular snippet that caught my attention:

Recently, the amount of video content has dramatically increased on the Internet. Videos and TVs match extremely well, so I really would like people to see this video content using the Internet Channel. If a lot of people started to watch Internet videos on their TVs, I think it could become a tremendous turning point in the history of the Internet.

The main thing I've used the Internet Channel for so far is to watch Youtube and DailyMotion videos on my TV instead of in a blurry little box on my PC.  I'm glad that the developers recognize that people do use the Internet Channel for that purpose, although I'm curious what (if anything) could be added to a future release that makes the whole "Internet videos on TV" process even better.