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Sonic and the Secret Rings Review At AMN

Weekly Poll: Wii Vote

Weekly Poll for 2-23-2007You all are my kind of people.  I too took the leap with Sonic and the Secret Rings (rather than wait for a review copy from Sega I bought the game myself and was later reimbursed) and have to say that I wasn't disappointed.  My full review of the game should be up on AMN any moment now, but here's a little preview: it's fun.

Speaking of fun, Nintendo believes that as far as their new Everybody Votes Wii Channel is concerned, everybody should have fun voting.  When the polling channel was announced I immediately pictured questions involving future products and games, but instead found puff polls asking whether I prefer cats or dogs.  What's the deal?  The Everybody Votes Channel has so much potential, but I can't see myself bothering with it if it's not going to ask relevant questions.  How about you?  What do you think of the new channel?  Cast your vote in this non-fluff poll and leave some comments.