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Weekly Poll: PC For Me

Weekly Poll for 3-12-2007I gave into the Virtual Console lure last week when I picked up two games I'd been meaning to get around to playing: Kid Icarus and New Adventure Island.  Was Kid Icarus this difficult back in 1987?  More than ten days later and I'm still stuck on level 1-3.  I remember being much better at the game back in the day when I borrowed it from a friend.  I must have been using one of the special ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS codes that have been removed from the Virtual Console version.

Over the weekend my ailing computer decided to give it up for good, dying a horrible blue screened unrebootable death.  It's been acting strange for over a year now and no amount of diagnostics or tests can narrow down the problem.  While I may have been able to bring it back to life in a Frankenstein-like fashion for a few more weeks of life, I decided just to go ahead and buy a new computer.  Has anyone else purchased a new computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever) in the past year?  Tell me I'm not alone on replacing stubbornly dead hardware.