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The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 Over the last year we've seen several DVD sets released that contain nostalgic video game cartoons.  The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The Legend of Zelda have been among us for a while, while Captain N: The Game Master was just released and at the end of the month Sonic the Hedgehog will hit stores (I'm in the process of reviewing both of those sets, so stay tuned for more on that).  Up next from Shout! Factory is the popular 1990-91 Saturday morning NBC cartoon, The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3.  Everyone thought that King Koopa had left the Mushroom Kingdom, but then his Doomship attacked.  King Koopa was back!

For the first time ever on DVD, The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros® 3 - The Complete Series 3-DVD box set contains the complete series (26 full episodes), plus a bonus disc full of great Mario extras!


  • Interactive The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros.® 3 Writers Bible
  • Learn the backstory of The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros.® 3!
  • Meet the Marios & Koopas!
  • Visit the worlds!
  • View the artwork from concept to final!
  • Hear the original music!
  • ...And more!

The DVD set reaches stores in early June 2007.  It's good to see those old cartoons reaching DVD, as up until now Nintendo's management has been a little embarrassed regarding the shows.  Adding to the red tape involved with releasing the set is that nobody who worked on these shows is still employed at either Nintendo or animation studio DiC.  I don't know how Shout! Factory has managed to convince the powers that be to sign off on these discs, but I'm certainly glad that they did.