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Sonic and the Secret Rings Review At AMN

Sonic and the Secret RingsSega made a decent Sonic the Hedgehog game?  What is this, 1994?  My review of Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Nintendo Wii is now available over at AMN, so if you've been on the fence about this new type of Sonic game I suggest you get to reading it right away.

The ultimate question behind Sonic and the Secret Rings is obvious: is it any fun? While the game does start out slow, the action really picks up as Sonic earns new abilities and unlocks new levels. Levels become longer and more challenging as time goes on, and before too long the game goes from being based on memorizing paths and pure luck to intense tilting action as Sonic moves with graceful fluidity.

Here's hoping that Sega can work out the game's few kinks for the inevitable sequel without compromising the game's bright spots.