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Katamari DamacyCould the legends rumors be true?  Is Namco readying a new Katamari Damacy title for the current generation consoles?  As in, all three of them?  Kotaku mentions a report about a rumor (so if that's not a confirmed report, I don't know what is), but I'm cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a new Katamari experience for the Nintendo Wii hitting stores later this year alongside Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 versions.

Aside from enjoying the original Katamari for the PS2, what excites me about this rumor is that motion controls are just crying out to be used for a Katamari game.  Tilting the Wii remote or Sixaxis controller to roll the katamari around the world seems like a natural gameplay evolution.  Here's hoping this rumor turns out to be true and that we'll all be rolling up major cities later this year.