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Castlevania: Dracula X ChroniclesYou should all know by now that one of my favorite gaming franchises is Konami's Castlevania.  The series has a lot of history in it, and some of that history is getting a little more time in the spotlight with the upcoming The Dracula X Chronicles for the Sony PlayStation Portable.  Series producer Koji Igarashi sat down with Games Radar and dished the gossip on the upcoming title and answered some nagging questions that have been on the minds of many fans (and talked a little about what we might see for a next-gen Castlevania adventure).

So let me just say that I know that there are some voices that want some Sega Saturn [Symphony of the Night] content brought over to PSP. I would like to have it... I'm a perfectionist, sorry about it. I want to have quality that matches with the PSone SOTN. That's my standard with selecting all of these elements. So with that intent I would like to take every part from the Sega Saturn version... I would like to consider whether or not the Sega Saturn parts match with the PSone Symphony of the Night in quality. If so, then I will think about adding it on to my PSP SOTN. So please wait.

That extra Symphony of the Night content from the Sega Saturn version of the game has been spinning around in my mind since the Chronicles set was announced and it's nice to see that Igarashi is aware that fans would like to see it turn up for the re-release.  On the other hand, being a perfectionist and all, it seems that he's not too keen on inserting that material just for the sake of sticking it in there.  I have a feeling that we're not going to know exactly what's in the compilation until it hits shelves later this year.

(via NeoGAF)