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Be Like Koji Kondo

Mario PaintMost anyone with an affinity for video game music reveres the work of Nintendo's Koji Kondo, the man responsible for creating memorable themes from Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and just about every other classic Nintendo franchise.  Kondo recently sat down at the piano at a concert in San Francisco and tapped out his most famous melody for the small crowd that had gathered around.  Just like any other famous composer, Kondo has a large following of fans who want to play his works on their own instruments, and once again a large archive of downloadable Nintendo music scores comes to our rescue. is an ever-growing archive of sheet music for all of us out there who want to play music from Nintendo games.  Most all the greats are here.  In addition to the obvious Mario and Zelda archives there's also selections from the worlds of Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and even some popular non-Nintendo fare such as Mega Man and Castlevania.  We can't all play piano like Koji Kondo, but at least now we can come one step closer to trying.

(via 4 Color Rebellion)