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Bang Those Bricks!

Lose your rings If someone told you they were going to bang the bricks what would you take that to mean?  Any thoughts?  Apparently the slang phrase means "to get money from an ATM" because in Super Mario Bros. Mario acquires coins by banging on brick blocks.  Is that a tenuous link or what?  I'm as big a gamer fan as they come and even I think that's an expression that's never going to catch on.  However, the idea does get my mind working overtime on other equally vague video game slang.  We must all integrate the following into our everyday speech as soon as possible:

  • Lose your rings: to be bumped into by a careless person, causing you to drop whatever you're carrying [Sonic the Hedgehog]
  • Chill the metroid: to place groceries in the freezer [Metroid]
  • Blue shelled: to be unavoidably injured [Mario Kart]
  • Make a fantastic journey to the cave of monsters: to go to the mall [Bubble Bobble]
  • Turning blue: to become vulnerable [Pac-Man]
  • Kirby your food: to eat quickly with few bites [Kirby's Dream Land]

Feel free to spread these phrases around your circle of friends and coworkers.  I eagerly await the day that I overhear a random person using one of my new slang phrases.  Do you think you can do better?  Come up with your own poorly advised slang phrase that's based on video game conventions and practices and share it below.  Just don't lose your rings.

(via Kottke)