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Weekly Poll: Dracula Xpensive

Weekly Poll for 1-30-2007It would seem that the Wii News Channel is off to a good start, but so far I'm not seeing the value in it.  After downloading the update for it last week I've found myself checking in on the headlines twice, but that's been it.  Perhaps it's because I spend so much time at the computer all day that I don't see the need to read the same news again later on the Wii after having read it on the web.

Moving on, last week Konami wowed us all with the announcement of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the Sony PlayStation Portable.  I'm going to have to get the new game when it comes out later this year, but of course the other thing I have to consider is that I don't own a PSP.  Going with Dracula X means a sizable investment in the portable console itself.  Is anyone else out there planning on jumping aboard the PSP bandwagon just to get the new Castlevania?  Let's hear some thoughts on the matter.