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Super Sonic Sorrys

Sonic and the Secret Rings It's not often that someone offers me a public apology, but in the case of Sonic and the Secret Rings that is exactly what has happened.  I'm handling the review of the game for AMN, but my editor at the network rented the game to check it out for himself.  According to his blog he's not a fan of the finished product.

So, I rented a copy of Sonic and the Secret Rings because I am not the one reviewing it. Our Wii editor, Matthew Green, is in charge of that affair, and all of a sudden, I feel very sorry for him. Matt, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Why the tone? Sonic and the Secret Rings is flat-out disappointing. I won’t get too into it, as we’ll go into more detail in our review, but it’s so slow. I’m not talking about frame rate, either. The gameplay is slow. Sonic moves at the speed of molasses – if that. This feels like the slowest Sonic I’ve ever played, but perhaps my memory of other Sonics is just inaccurate.

No apology necessary.  I requested the Sonic assignment because I still have that glimmer of hope that someday Sega will release a fun 3D Sonic game worth playing.  When that happens I want to be the one to shout about it from the mountaintops.  That means I've had to muddle through titles such as Sonic Riders and Shadow the Hedgehog, but in the end that just makes the inevitable reward so much sweeter.  Stay tuned for my review of Secret Rings later this week.