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Revived Ghostbusters 3 Harkens New Game

GhostbustersBoy, when it rains, it pours.  After the kerfuffle over Zootfly's Ghostbusters for Microsoft Xbox 360 pitch came a bunch of developments from the long-dormant world of Ghostbusters.  Sony (who own part of the rights to the franchise) put the kibosh on Zootfly's game which in turn led to Ray Stantz himself, Dan Aykroyd, revealing in a radio interview that Universal had bought the video game rights to the series and that the writer/actor would be doing some motion capture work for the game sometime next year.  That quickly gave rise to the news that Ghostbusters 3 is back in development, but this time as an animated adventure instead of a live action romp.  Can you believe it?  I firmly expected cats and dogs to be living together before this kind of news became a reality.

So why are we hearing about all of this now?  Here's my theory.  Zootfly heard about Ghostbusters 3 being back in development and wanted to get the rights to make the video game.  They made their pitch videos and put them out for the world to see, but then Sony ordered them removed as the game rights were already promised/sold to Universal/Vivendi.  With the Ghostbusters game news out in the wild it was decided to reveal the full scope of the franchise's revival, hence Aykroyd's sudden comments on the upcoming movie and game.