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Nintendo 64 controller accessories Wii owners rejoiced when the Nintendo 64 favorite Mario Kart 64 turned up on the Virtual Console a few days ago, but then the happiness turned to bitter disappointment when it was revealed that this emulated rendition of the game does not allow players to save ghosts in Time Trials mode.  The Controller Pak (that little plastic shell from 1996 that contained 256 KB of memory) functionality needed to save that data is just not available in the Virtual Console version of the game.  Fans are calling on Nintendo to fix the problem and add Controller Pak support (that is, redirect the game's calls to the Pak to the Wii's internal memory).  As of right now the company isn't budging on the matter.

I think we're missing the bigger picture here.  This goes beyond a single Virtual Console came being unable to make use of Controller Pak functionality.  Nintendo has already said that when games such as Star Fox 64 turn up on the service that they will not support Rumble Pak functionality if the game is played with a GameCube controller (which, as you'll recall, has rumble abilities).  I believe that the issue here isn't just the Controller Pak, but the entire expansion port on the back of the original Nintendo 64 controller.  It's that slot that isn't emulated in these re-releases and not just the accessories that originally fit into it.  If that's true then you can most likely forget about playing perfect renditions of Virtual Console releases that once used that expansion slot.