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Bubble Trouble Results In Free Game

Bubble Bobble Revolution I have to hand it to Codemasters for going the extra mile to keep customers happy.  You may recall how last year the company unleashed the broken Bubble Bobble Revolution for the Nintendo DS in which the boss of Level 30 was mysteriously absent, meaning that the remaining seventy levels were inaccessible.  A few weeks ago the company announced it was finally ready to send out fixed versions of the game to all those who bought the broken product, but now AMN has word that not only is the defective version being replaced, but Codemasters is sending a free copy of Rainbow Island to everyone blighted with the broken Bubble Bobble (unfortunately there is still no word on when Codemasters will apologize for the game's horrible box art).

The company sent out a letter along with a corrected copy of the game recently, stating: "We would like to apologize for the problems you have had with this game and hope that the need to swap the cartridges did not inconvenience you too much. We have enclosed a free copy of Rainbow Island, also for the Nintendo DS, as consideration for the length of time that you had to wait for the new cartridges to be manufactured."

The original error should never have made it into the marketplace, but it's great to see Codemasters doing the right thing here (even if it has taken several months for the company to do so).  Other game publishers should look on this example and learn a little something about not only taking responsibility for releasing broken games, but also about doing what it takes to make amends for mistakes.