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Broken Bobble Update

Bubble Bobble Revolution Remember last October when Codemasters unleashed Bubble Bobble Revolution for the Nintendo DS?  And how the game had a crippling bug in which the boss of Level 30 would never appear?  And how Codemasters promised to fix the problem at some point in the future?  Well, the future is now.

We are pleased to say that we expect to be sending out replacement cartridges, that rectify this fault, from February 23 onwards. We would, however, also like to apologize for the length of time that this process has taken.

It's taken four months to fix the error, but at least the replacements are finally ready.  Here's hoping that those responsible for the problem (either through their actions or inactions) have learned a little something from this experience.  Otherwise the lesson falls to the gamers in which we learn not to buy potentially faulty products from Codemasters.

(via Error Macro)