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Who Ya Gonna Call? Alleged Ghostbusters Game Manifests

UPDATE 2: Yup, it's a pitch from Zootfly.  They don't have the Ghostbusters license, however, so unless negotiations with Columbia Pictures work out, don't expect to see this in stores anytime soon.  However, the scary thing is that I have to admit that if the game was well done and a solid release, I could see myself picking up whatever console supports it.  The nostalgia draw is that strong on this one (that's a big Twinkie).

GhostbustersUPDATE: Some folks believe this is a pitch from Zootfly, a Slovenian developer (Slovenian, not Babylonian).

I'll get right to the point.  There are some videos floating around the Internet that show a new game based on Ghostbusters.  It's a 3D third-person-shooter affair with driving elements from the looks of things.  Nobody really seems to know who created these clips or even if this is an actual commercial product in the works instead of either an unofficial fan project or a failed pitch to a publisher.

Longtime PTB readers may recall how much I desperately want a modern solid Ghostbusters game.  It's not enough to arm players with a proton pack, however.  A proper Ghostbusters game has to capture the spirit and whimsy of the films.  Attention must be paid to the little details.  Simply slapping the Ghostbusters license on what would otherwise be another generic military-style team-based shooter won't do anyone any good.  Considering the sheer number of ways this potential game could go wrong has me terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.