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Weekly Poll: Channel Surfing

Weekly Poll for 12-26-2006Hopefully everyone walked away happy with whatever gifts were given this year.  I actually didn't get any games as gifts this year, although that's because I had to have a Nintendo Wii just as soon as it was available, so there wasn't anything left for anyone to get me once late December rolled around.  Do not pity me, however.  I did nicely in terms of DVDs.

Speaking of the Wii, by now hopefully all of you Wiiers out there have been playing with the various system channels in addition to the games.  There's the handy Forecast Channel for weather information, the Internet Channel for web browsing, the Wii Shop Channel for buying retro games, the Photo Channel for displaying your pictures on TV, and of course the Mii Channel for editing little avatars.  Which of the currently available channels is your favorite?  Do you even bother with them?  Cast your vote and leave some comments.  If you need me I'll be obsessively checking the weather on the Forecast Channel again.