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Weekly Poll: Good To Be Bad

Weekly Poll for 1-02-2007Miis?  You all like the Miis?  Maybe it's just mii me, but I'm just not excited about the whole custom people thing.  I made a mii in my own image, sure, but now what?  I don't feel the need to visit my mii in the Mii Channel.  It's nice to have him for Wii Sports, but that's really about it at this point.  I'm more a fan of the Wii Shop Channel for the retro offerings and the Forecast Channel for just killing time in-between games.  The Internet Channel would be nice if it could stream video worth a darn.

Moving on, recently a discussion has emerged regarding video game villains that go on from being mere bosses to become bona-fide main characters.  Wario's rise to fame comes to mind immediately, but then we have characters such as Firebrand of Demon's Crest and even Meta Knight from the world of Kirby.  Tell me, who is your favorite villain turned main character?