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Party Planning: WarioWare Edition

WarioWare: Smooth Moves Perhaps you're thinking of a way to combine your love of video games with your habit of hanging out with friends.  The challenge here is that for some bizarre reason your friends may not necessarily feel as passionate about gaming as you do.  So how can you expect to pull off a little party that is centered around a video game?  Over at Ask Metafilter the question has been raised regarding throwing a WarioWare: Smooth Moves party with guests who aren't avid gamers.

I recently bought WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii, and I am really excited about having a crazy-fun tournament night where married couples will enjoy themselves.  I want everyone invited to have an equally fun time, even if they don't like video games all that much. Any ideas, from those who know anything about the game, how to organize it and what sort of game modes or events I should include? Should I do the bracket system or some sort of elaborate point system, or a hybrid of both?  Also welcome are ideas for luring skeptics who may balk at the idea of a party based around a video game.

The initial answers involve forgetting about a scoring bracket and just having fun for the sake of having fun.  A few folks even suggest ditching WarioWare and focusing the party on Wii Sports instead.  It can be quite difficult to rope non-gamers into a playing a game (especially one as wacky as WarioWare), so watch your guests for that dead-eyed glaze of boredom.  If you see that then it's time to turn off the game and suggest something else, lest the party break down to just you and your Wii remote.