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Castlevania Movie Update

CastlevaniaThe previously announced Castlevania feature film is still on the march, as director Paul W.S. Anderson has explained to IGN about the fascinating process of arranging financing for the movie.  Location scouting has also taken place from the sound of things, as most of the movie will be shot in Transylvania and Budapest.

Anderson told IGN that Castlevania will be shot in Transylvania because it is the true birthplace of Vlad Tepes and the Dracula myth, and because of the natural landscape.  "It has some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen," Anderson told IGN. "It was like discovering Mordor as a real location -- epic, dramatic, and above all scary. These locations haven't been shot properly in a mainstream movie, so that is always extra exciting... to put something on camera that hasn't been seen before."

That's interesting, but when are we going to hear something more about the plot?  Doesn't Anderson know that Internet critics cannot begin to either gush unending praise or spew wretched bile about the movie until we learn more concrete details about the story?  I can't waffle on the fence about this project for much longer.