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Wii Prototypes Baffle Everybody

Wii prototypes There's a picture going around of an alleged scan from an issue of Japan's Nikkei Business magazine that features a few prototype controllers for Nintendo's amazing Wii.  It's always interesting to see how ideas take shape, and in the Wii's case we can follow development from an oversize Wavebirdesque controller up to a twisty ratchet-like controller onwards to WHAT THE HELL IS THAT STAR THING?!

I cannot begin to imagine how that oversize discus with a star button is supposed to function.  Is it tossed?  Turned?  Rolled?  Is the single button the legendary "Win" button joked about so many times in the past?  We'll probably never learn the secret of the star button controller, putting it up there with such mythical explanations as the use of the three sea shells from Demolition Man.

(via Nintendo forums)