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Who's That Cunning Mind Behind The Shadowy Disguise?

Wario: Master of Disguise Ever since anti-hero Wario crossed over from platformer adventures to microgaming mayhem most people have forgotten about his classic 2D roots.  His last traditional outing, Wario World, was good fun but way too short.  Now Nintendo is bringing him back for a more conventional thieving spree, but this time using the touchscreen on the Nintendo DS.  Wario: Master of Disguise equips Wario with seven amazing disguises that each have a special power required for looting treasure.  When properly attired Wario can fly with bat wings, swim with a pirate gimmick, breathe fire as a large lizard, sling paint as an artist, and so on.

The game is coming to North America in March 2007, but the Japanese release is much sooner, meaning that Nintendo has launched the game's Japanese website, and it's just packed full of new videos and details.   I'm getting a little Kirby Canvas Curse vibe from Master of Disguise due to the stylus play, so I'm especially looking forward to this one, as the world needs more quality 2D platformers.