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Weekly Poll: Dreck Rides Again

Weekly Poll for 11-28-2006Games really do make great gifts as a good chunk of you all out there have figured out.  Here's hoping everyone enjoys their gaming gifts.  I don't see myself giving any gaming gifts this year, nor do I really expect to receive any.  DVDs on the other hand...

Moving on, there's been some grumbles from the Wii community regarding the initial library of games made available through the Virtual Console.  American gamers have had to watch in a jealous rage as other regions can download classics such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country, while in the USA we're limited to poorly-aged dreck like Pinball and Baseball.  How many of you out there are happy with the Virtual Console offerings in your region so far?  You know the voting drill by now.  Feel free to leave some comments if you can tear yourself away from Soccer.