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Sin and Punishment Near the end of the Nintendo 64's life there came word of an on-rails shooter from noted developer Treasure that went by the name of Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth.  The game follows the ramifications of a genetically engineered food source designed for humans lashing out at mankind.  A special crack team of armed volunteers head to Japan in an attempt to contain the outbreak.  During gameplay players must aim, shoot, sidestep, roll, and otherwise evade incoming bullets and beasts.  The game has become semi-legendary in certain gaming circles as yet another "one that got away", as the game was only released in Japan in 2000 (and later in China for the iQue of all things).  Lots of folks have been calling for it to turn up on the Wii's Virtual Console translated into English, but how many of you actually know what the game entails?  Let's see a show of hands.  That few, eh?  Don't worry. Platypus Comix is here to help with a complete Sin and Punishment feature that includes plenty of screenshots and video clips.

In 2000, Nintendo released something rather unNintendolike--a fast-paced shooter-on-rails, developed by cult game maker Treasure, set in a grim apocalyptic future and starring two fearless teenagers with guns. It launched to wide critical acclaim and is regarded as one of the finest N64 games ever made. But it only came out in Japan. To make things more irritating, Sin and Punishment was planned for a US release from the very beginning. The Eastern version has already been localized with English voice actors (really, only the text is Japanese). Fortunately, the fact that the game was already translated makes it easier to understand. Unfortunately, it's your typical post-apocalyptic anime mess, meaning you can't understand the plot ANYWAY.

Whether or not gamers will get to experience Virtual Console titles from other regions is still up in the air (unfortunately) so Sin and Punishment's return outside of Japan may just be an idle pipe dream.  However, as the feature notes, there's a perfect opportunity coming up to bring the game back.  The game's storyline pegs the apocalypse as occurring on July 15, 2007... a perfect day for the game to reach the Wii Shop Channel around the world.  You have nearly seven months, Nintendo.  Don't let us down!