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PS3 So Cool That It Freezes

Sony PlayStation 3Remember how I once said that the Sony PlayStation line of products had become so cool that given another generation of the development the consoles will implode in a puff of awesomeness?  It looks like we're taking another step closer to that moment.  Nick Brutal at Destructoid had a few words with a Sony representative about the nasty freezing habit that demo kiosk PlayStation 3s have developed, and get this: these things lock up on purpose.

"So dude over there," I said pointing to the busy clerk, "says he keeps the kiosk off because it keeps freezing up."

"Nope. No it doesn't."

"Well, actually, yeah. It does. I've seen it happen myself."

"No. It doesn't. We did that on purpose," he said. "You make the entire console lock up on purpose because ... why?" "We do that so that people won't play it all day long," he explained. "Specifically during Motorstorm, we made it freeze up a lot."

I'm totally confused at this point, completely stunned at what I'm being told because it's the stupidest thing I'd ever heard. I let him rattle on for a while, trying to convince me (and probably himself) that yes, Sony went out of their way to have their consoles lock up so that the masses will not spend hours upon hours basking in all its glory.

So, let's recap.  First of all, the PS3 was so fantastic that you could not preorder it.  Then it became so amazing that developers could not create or display games for the system.  Now the console has reached such a level of brilliance that you cannot even play it while killing time at Best Buy.  I'm telling you, the puff of awesomeness is coming sooner than we think.

But seriously, it's not uncommon for demo kiosks to reset after a little while so one person doesn't hog the demo all day, but whose bright idea was it to make the PS3 outright lock up after a few minutes?  I've played plenty of demos that time out and show a message explaining that my time was up.  Maybe it's just me, but I believe that time-limited demos should explain that time has elapsed rather than just freeze to the point of requiring a reset courtesy of the nearest salesclerk.  If I didn't know about this situation I'd just assume that the PS3 glitched out during play and walk away with the impression that the console is faulty or defective since it locks so often seemingly without explanation.