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Sony PlayStation PortableSony is "down" with all us "gamerz", usin' our street "vernacularz" to show off their mad marketing "skillz".  This time around the company hired viral marketing firm Zipatoni to put together a website/blog to praise the PlayStation Portable for the holidays.  The site is supposed to look like someone's real plea to parents to buy a PSP for a Christmas gift.  AllIWantForXmasIsAPSP.com tries to imitate Zipatoni's vision of how video game fans speak (with non-existent punctuation, a lack of capitalization, and a complete disregard for basic rules of grammar).

This sort of thing is horrendously transparent.  UK Resistance has compiled the best quotes from real gamers who have descended on the AllIWant comment sections to call out Zipatoni/Sony's condescending behavior.

"As a gamer who is part of Sony's target audience I'm insulted not just by the integrity of this website, but that this reflects how intelligent Sony's marketing department thinks I am."

"Please, while you're removing this comment and the 200 other negative comments above it (again), have the decency to do one honest thing in your life and inform Sony of just how bad they screwed up by ordering this a_d. This is simply so insulting to anyone who truly loves games, the only reaction you will likely get is a decreased willingness to buy anything Sony branded."

Sometimes I just don't know what to say about these pathetic marketing attempts to blend in with a community.  I suppose now that you've heard about this viral ad, the campaign could be considered a success, but also keep in mind that this may be how Sony sees their primary audience: illiterate idiots without enough disposable income to afford a PSP.