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Elebits Review At AMN

Elebits I've finished my work with Konami's Elebits for the Wii which means that my review of the game is now available over at AMN.  I found it to be an enjoyable concept even if it did have a few rough spots.  Special thanks to PTB reader Rollin for sending over one of his custom Elebits levels (even if it is seemingly impossible to complete) so I could try out the WiiConnect24 features in the game.

Each level begins in the dark (after all, the Elebits are missing and the power is out). As more Elebits are captured, however, lights begin to turn back on and appliances begin to function again. For example, a dishwasher may need 3000 watts to function. Once those watts are collected, players can turn it on which in turn causes a bunch of Elebits to fall out after running a thirty second cleaning cycle. There are numerous appliances and gadgets that can be turned on, such as computers, coffeemakers, DVD players, automatic cleaning robots, and even the toilet.

I haven't created a custom level that I'm happy with yet, but there's definitely some potential in Edit Mode to come up with some amazing environments.  Once I have something worth sharing I'll let you all know.