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Anticipating Sega Genesis Collection 2

ToeJam and Earl The collection of retro titles that is Sega Genesis Collection for the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable has only been in stores for a short while and already people are frothing at the mouth for a sequel.  There are plenty of other great titles from the days of the Sega Genesis that deserve a second lap around the track.  The problem is that while Sega published a whole bunch of great Genesis games, they don't own the rights to all of those games today.  Sega can't re-release what they don't own (or cannot license), after all.  So what's in and what's out for a possible second collection of classics?  SonicMegaDrive at NeoGAF has done the homework and listed which games Sega still owns and which ones are sitting in someone else's vault.

If it were up to me I'd be sure to put the two ToeJam and Earl games in the next set as well as Dynamite Headdy, Eternal Champions, Greendog, Gunstar Heroes, Landstalker, The Ooze (even if it was a bit of a gameplay mess), Out Run & its sequel, the three Shining Force titles, the Streets of Rage trilogy ("T" rating be damned), Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and X-Perts (to fit with Eternal Champions).  What, no Sonic the Hedgehog?  We have the Sonic Mega Collection set for that, thanks.  Now then, which eligible games would you like to see in a second Sega Genesis Collection?