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An Elebit Of This And An Elebit Of That

ElebitsUPDATE: I got what I needed.  Thanks!

Have any of you taken the Elebits plunge?  Do you have some spare time this weekend (there's nothing happening this weekend, right?)?  I'm in the process of reviewing Elebits for the Nintendo Wii and I'd like to try out the WiiConnect24 option in which players can send their own custom Elebits levels to one another so I can talk about the process in the review.  If you have the game (or suddenly acquire it this weekend for some reason) and want to lend a hand, post a comment or send me an e-mail and we'll get our Friend Codes and what-not synced up.  I'm aiming to have the review finished and submitted by Tuesday, so sooner is better than later on this one.