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Wii're Getting Excited

Wii boxDo you have your vacation plans booked yet?  I do.  I thought with the holidays coming up it would be a perfect occasion to take a little time off and maybe rescue a princess.  Perhaps I'll even save the whole land of Hyrule itself if I get the opportunity.  Yes, I'm talking about the upcoming release of Nintendo's new Wii contraption.  I've managed to stay fairly restrained on the matter up until now, but now that I've finally finished getting my preorders in order, I'm getting excited.  I'm ready to sit back and start waving controllers around in the air like a loon.  It seems like more Wii news trickles out every day, and there's plenty of great stuff on the horizon that hasn't been publicly announced yet.  I love the anticipation that comes before the launch of a new console.  The excitement of waiting for a new console is one of those fun child-like sensations of wonder that I'm in no hurry to outgrow.