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Weekly Poll: Give A Little Bit

Weekly Poll for 11-20-06 Ah, good, some of your are buying Nintendo Wiis.  My world continues to make sense.  In hindsight, however, I should have asked who tried to buy a console but could not due to limited stock, and then of course those of you outside of North America and Japan are still waiting for the consoles to launch.  Remind me to do a better job asking this question when the next generation of consoles launches in 2011.

The holiday season is very nearly upon us (depending on your community's level of decoration madness and around the clock Christmas music on the radio) and that means it's time to start thinking about what makes this time of year so important: gifts.  Gaming gifts are usually about the "gimme gimme gimme", but how many of you out there are giving the gift of games this year?  Who's putting a Wii under the tree?  Are you giving a new Xbox instead of the traditional fuzzy socks?  What about leaving a game by the menorah for your señora? Cast your vote, leave some comments, and buy some goodies