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Wario After the amazing platforming goodness found in the portable Wario Land series, what could Nintendo's greedy nogoodnik be up to for an encore?  It looks as though our anti-hero is putting the microgame madness aside for a return to form in Wario The Thief for the Nintendo DS.  Although announced over one year ago, nothing has been seen or heard of the game aside from a tiny little screenshot.  Now the game is on display at Nintendo World 2006, and someone out there has been kind enough to share a little video clip of the action.  Aside from the 2D platforming, the collecting of money, and some kind of touchscreen shenanigans, I have no idea what is going on in the game.  4 Color Rebellion merely says "This does not look fun at all," but I'm going to withhold judgment until I find out just what the deal is with Wario's latest outing.  If it's anywhere as enjoyable as Wario Land 4, I think we'll be in good shape.