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Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Awesome, Part 1

Secret Kode

The KodeSometimes it seems like video game music tribute cover bands are a dime a dozen, but one thing about such groups that has always bugged me is that for whatever reason most of the song covers have been "hardcored" up with plenty of thrash metal electric guitar madness.  Sometimes that works, but I don't want to hear a totally bitchin' screechy guitar solo in the middle of the orchestral theme from The Legend of Zelda.  It just doesn't work.  Now I've been pointed towards a tribute cover band by the name of The Kode that, from what I've heard so far, seems to keep the original spirit of the gaming songs intact for the most part.  The band has several tracks up for download covering a few classic Nintendo Entertainment System tunes.  Come for the Super Mario medley, stay for the Snake Man theme from Mega Man 3.