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What A Horrible Night To Have A Cursed Screenplay

Simon Belmont It looks as if Castlevania film writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson is still working on his treatment of the Castlevania universe.  As you'll recall, I was concerned about comments regarding how Anderson was rewriting Castlevania lore to suit his artistic vision, i.e. tossing the basic Dracula legend established in the long-running game series.  Based on some new comments from Anderson, I still have a reason to be concerned:

Anderson's script reportedly spans many time periods but mostly takes place in 15th century Transylvania.  The movie is described as a fresh take on the Dracula legend, taking it back to the beginning with the story of Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler.  "You could almost call this movie Dracula Begins, Anderson told Variety.

Who wants to be the person to tell Anderson that Castlevania's Dracula isn't based on the Vlad lore at all and instead stems from original fiction crafted by Konami's developers?  I nominate current Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi to do the honors.  There's a whole fictional timeline of movieriffic events in the Castlevania universe from which to choose.  If Anderson really wants to make Dracula Begins, that's fine, but he should do so far away from the world of the Belmonts.  There is something that still manages to fill me with some hope, however, and that's this statement:

As in the game, much of the movie's drama is expected to be played out within Dracula's castle, a story element that appeals to Anderson. "Ever since I made Event Horizon, I've been obsessed with the idea of a location that's a character in the story, of being trapped in an environment that's out to get you," Anderson told the trade.

Yes!  At least he gets the whole idea of the "castle is a creature of chaos" mythos.  There may be hope for him yet.