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Linux Users Demand PS3 Coverage

LinuxNow that the Sony PlayStation 3 has launched game journalists are working overtime to review games for the system.  Those Resistance: Fall of Man and Ridge Racer 7 reviews don't write themselves (well, OK, maybe the Ridge Racer 7 review does).  Nevertheless, with any coverage of a new console launch there will always be a story or two that slips through the cracks.  One capability offered by the PS3 is that it's possible to install the Linux operating system on it, turning it into a $600 Linux box.  On the whole the journalists covering the PS3 aren't talking about the Linux capability, and apparently some people are rather unhappy about that.

I think I can explain why we're not seeing any major coverage of the Linux angle from game journalists: we don't care.  Or, more accurately, we don't care because the mainstream audience doesn't care.  Most people have never even heard of Linux, after all.  Right now at launch most readers in the mainstream want to see reviews of the launch titles and learn what major games are coming up soon.  There just isn't time (and in print, space) to cover Linux right now due to this lack of mainstream interest.  Like I said, that Resistance review isn't going to write itself.  Once the holiday/launch rush ends and we get into the slow news period of January and February 2007 you'll probably see some of the more technically inclined journalists taking a stab at PS3 Linux, but until then I wouldn't count on any major coverage.